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I'm always happy to help writers understand food science stuff and to participate in events that relate to food or science. This section provides some common stuff I'm asked for by journalists and event organizers. If you're interested in having me give a talk or participate in an event that relates to food and science, contact me to see if I'm available.


Short Bio: A science and food geek, Jeff Potter is the author of Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food, which the Washington Post called “one of the most useful books on understanding cooking.” He has appeared on NPR, The Today Show, CNN International, Food Network, and the Cooking Channel. Jeff has been featured on television newscasts and radio shows throughout the country, spoken at conferences and science festivals both in the United States and overseas, and is a trustee and spokesperson for Awesome Food, part of the Awesome Foundation.

Talk / Event Blurb

Standard Talk Blurb: Why do we cook the way we do? Join Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food for a conversation that looks at the science behind your dinner. By understanding food science—the composition of ingredients, the importance of temperature on chemical reactions, and the techniques used by scientists to unravel mysteries—you can turn out a better meal and have fun at the same time!


The following photographs may be used by news organizations and event planners under the following image license:

  • Editorial use only: permission is hereby granted by Jeff Potter / Atof Inc. to news organizations and to those event planners whose events I've agreed to participate in to use these images under standard editorial usage rules.
  • No commercial use: these images may not be used for commercial purposes such as promoting a product or in an advertisement. (To be clear, using images to promote talks and events for which I have agreed to participate in falls under editorial usage, but if in doubt, contact me.)
  • You may not alter or modify images other than cropping and color correction.
  • Credit lines as noted for image and a link to "" are required when possible.

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